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In today's market environment a well defined strategy for business growth that is clearly understood throughout the enterprise is critical to success. The behaviours of each Business or Service Unit and every person working within them need to be aligned with the agreed strategy. In order to achieve a sound strategy specific questions need to be answered.

For example:

  • What reputation do our sales people have in the industry?
  • How well do we undertake to benchmark and develop the skills of our customer facing sales and support people?
  • How well do we measure the sales impact of our people?
  • How much do we empower our sales people to engage in creative and authentic ways?
  • What do we currently signal as being important capabilities and talents for sales people to have?  Are these the right ones for the future?
  • How well do we equip our sales people with tools and processes that support their continued growth in sales effectiveness? 

Sales Skill


Our Work.

TransformSales has developed its unique Sales Transformation Model which comprises 8 key areas of focus that make a difference to an organisation’s sales performance. Together with our clients we believe that we have achieved some great results and we hope that you find many areas of interest on this site. We look forward to working with your business in the future to raise the effectiveness of your sales initiatives.

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tsSales Transformation Overview
Transforming their sales performance is a challenge that many clients bring to us. Our tailored solutions range from global programmes that address all aspects of the sales cycle to specific, targeted interventions.

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