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Sales Collaboration

The term 'sales team' can mean different things to different businesses. To some it may mean cross-functional client account teams working within global enterprises. To others it may mean small multi-client territory-based salespeople working closely with a sales manager. Whatever 'sales team' means to your business the fact is that building the teams that 'others would like to be a part of' takes commitment and planning. From the initial recruitment processes and induction of new team members, to the remuneration packages and recognition schemes the focus for world-class companies is on how these support the sales strategy.

Sales Collaboration

Key questions that need to be answered include:

  • How do we know what our sales teams are thinking and doing and what implications does this have in terms of what we sell and how we are selling it ?
  • What do our customers think of our sales people ?
  • Do we know that our people are working well together, or are certain behaviours and prejudices having a detrimental effect on our ability to close more business ?
  • Do we regularly review our recruitment processes and reward structures in order to ensure that we are attracting the right calibre of person ?
  • Do we manage our recognition programmes as well as we should in order to maximise their impact on the sales force ?
  • Do we make the most of the times when we have the entire sales force together, for example at sales conferences, by providing learning for all through clear messaging delivered effectively ?
  • What tools and support do we give to our managers in order to spread best practices to their teams ? Do we really do a good job of letting our teams know "what a good job looks like" ?



Our Work.

TransformSales has developed its unique Sales Transformation Model which comprises 8 key areas of focus that make a difference to an organisation’s sales performance. Together with our clients we believe that we have achieved some great results and we hope that you find many areas of interest on this site. We look forward to working with your business in the future to raise the effectiveness of your sales initiatives.

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tsSales Transformation Overview
Transforming their sales performance is a challenge that many clients bring to us. Our tailored solutions range from global programmes that address all aspects of the sales cycle to specific, targeted interventions.

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