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Sales Processes

Companies that are successful at selling their products and services are unlikely to have achieved sustained growth by accident. Through constant analysis of both successes and failures they know how they win their customers and how to leverage and up-sell existing relationships. They also know exactly what should be happening at each stage of their sales cycle in order to capture best practices, provide benchmark data and to link with other functions. Successful companies define, execute, review and remediate processes continuously. The customer's experience of a company is the sum total of all the processes that have been put in place in order to deliver a product or service. Winning companies ensure they have addressed the need to ensure all of their people understand why process matters and what part every individual plays in creating the "total customer experience".

Sales Process

For example:

  • How do you measure the different experiences that customers have when they engage with the processes in various parts of your organisation?
  • In what ways do your internal processes align with the desire to be a customer-centric organisation?
  • What processes do you have in place to benchmark sales effectiveness? And how often do you audit the effectiveness of your sales processes and customer touch points?
  • What is your approach to strategic account planning?
  • How do you ensure congruent goals for all selling activities?
  • What needs to change in the recruitment processes to reflect the continuing evolution of your marketplace?
  • How swiftly do new recruits become sales ready?  What needs to improve in the onboarding of sales people?


Our Work.

TransformSales has developed its unique Sales Transformation Model which comprises 8 key areas of focus that make a difference to an organisation’s sales performance. Together with our clients we believe that we have achieved some great results and we hope that you find many areas of interest on this site. We look forward to working with your business in the future to raise the effectiveness of your sales initiatives.

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tsSales Transformation Overview
Transforming their sales performance is a challenge that many clients bring to us. Our tailored solutions range from global programmes that address all aspects of the sales cycle to specific, targeted interventions.

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