• Sales Leadership

    In order to maximise productivity the sales function has to be properly managed and led. Good managers can be born,
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  • Sales Strategy

    Sales Strategy

    In today's market environment a well defined strategy for business growth that is clearly understood throughout the enterprise is critical
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  • Sales Skill

    Sales Skill

    In today's market environment a well defined strategy for business growth that is clearly understood throughout the enterprise is critical
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  • Sales Process

    Sales Process

    Companies that are successful at selling their products and services are unlikely to have achieved sustained growth by accident.
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  • TransformSales was designed with one thing in mind – to help organisations sell more successfully
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  • Message to Market

    Without a clear and powerful sales message the sales strategy is less likely to succeed. Successful
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  • Sales Tools

    Sales Tools

    Any business that is serious about long term success knows that its people need world-class tools at their disposal in
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  • Sales Collaboration

    Sales Collaboration

    The term 'sales team' can mean different things to different businesses. To some it may mean cross-functional client account teams
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  • Customer Centric Culture

    The likelihood of delivering on the sales strategy is greatly increased when a company focuses on being truly customer centric
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Sales Planning

Every meeting has to count and you will learn how to make that happen

In Search of Excellence

The horizons of everyone’s achievements are defined by what you know of yourself and what you believe you can do

Sales Connections Tool

Making connections quickly and effectively with optimum efficiency can be hard and daunting task

Sales Health Check

The Sales Report is geared specifically toward salespeople and takes into account the crucial differences

Recent Projects


Sales and Sales Management – A programme of blended, remote delivery over six sessions that upgrades the salespeople’s capabilities. Includes a three session programme for sales managers so that they can observe development and coach their sales teams.


Sales Momentum – Creating momentum in the sales process through webinar sessions that address drivers of customer behaviour, distinctive customer experiences, being a Trusted Partner and articulating value for the customer.


Transform People International has worked with the Partners to create tools and methods that when deployed, will position the firm as ‘Distinctive’ when compared to their competitors


Trusted Adviser / Trusted Leader – A change programme for Relationship Managers to get corporate customers to see them in a different light - thought-leading, challenging, creative, brave, inspirational, trustworthy etc. This programme includes workshops, one 2 one coaching and momentum builder conference calls.

Our Work.

TransformSales has developed its unique Sales Transformation Model which comprises 8 key areas of focus that make a difference to an organisation’s sales performance. Together with our clients we believe that we have achieved some great results and we hope that you find many areas of interest on this site. We look forward to working with your business in the future to raise the effectiveness of your sales initiatives.

Our goal is your success

tsSales Transformation Overview
Transforming their sales performance is a challenge that many clients bring to us. Our tailored solutions range from global programmes that address all aspects of the sales cycle to specific, targeted interventions.

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